About me

My name is Kydo. I research, write, and invest in crypto infrastructures and governance systems.

Currently, I am a protocol researcher at Eigen Labs and the founder of Native Labs.

Previously, I was a delegate at Uniswap DAO serving on its inaugural committee and the round owner for Gitcoin's first DeSci round.

I received my Master's degree from Stanford Medicine under Professor Dan Boneh. My thesis was on decentralized scientific funding mechanisms.

Angel Investment

I angel invest in vertical-defining projects with a strong emphasis at the infrastructure level. Besides providing capital, I enjoy working with founders navigating (technical) narratives and GTM.

If my name is on the cap table, I am generally active (unless I don't feel I can add much value).

*Being active here means I often have weekly calls with the founders - brainstorming ideas.

If you are seeking funding at the seed stage, I would be happy to chat! Feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter alongside with a 10-second blurb.